Sunday, September 11, 2005

Amma's Katrina Relief

Another natural disaster has occured and as usual the divine Mother is the first to help! ****Below is Br. Dayamrita's letter after his conversation with Amma regarding Hurricane Katrina. The letter is addressed to many citezens wanting to help with relief or just to hear again a divine story of Amma.***** Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Amma called me today and the first thing she asked was about the Hurricane Katrina situation in the U.S.A. Luckily I was well informed about the situation thanks to all your e-mails. After listening to all my narration, Amma was silent for a long time. In fact thought she had disconnected the phone. I kept calling "Amma, Amma and Amma " and finally she started speaking softly. From her voice that was choked with emotion, I could make out she was crying.

Amma asked me to go down there immediately and help the affected people as much as we can.

Namah Sivaya

****this letter was written about a week ago, so if you wanna see Dayamrita's current plans for Hurricane Katrina releif efforts visit


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