Wednesday, August 31, 2005

AMMA the worlds greatest miracle

Amma is the worlds greatest miracle. Everything about Amma is perfect, She is a Mother to millions, a master to millions, an inspiration to millions and a friend to millions. Amma loves all and serves all in the literal meaning of the words. Her entire life is for her children. to whom is the worlds most prescious treasure. The amazing thing is there is no one in the universe that Amma doesn't love, infact she is like a love machine. When a man tried to attack Amma a few days ago, I don't think that he realized that his target was someone who is beyond life and death. Amma is the most incredible person on the planet, in fact she isn't even a person, she unconditional love embodied. No matter what anyone does to Amma she still loves them. As a result Amma has many many devotees around the globe and also just many souls how regard her as someone special and unique even if they have other gurus, because, there is nothing to deny , there is no one else like Amma, She is unique. May more and more people meet Amma everyday and may those ones who don't understand Amma's love be eventually transformed and merge with Amma.....Jai Amma Ma!!


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