Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Poems by Children

Beautiful Poems to Amma by young ones

Far Away
I sit thousands of miles away, Thinking, why am I so far away? Why can I not be with you night and day? Why Amma why am I so far away?I wish to be able to drink you love Out of a cup that never empties. I wish to hear Your soothing voice Which gives my mind peace.I wish for your glowing presence To fill my heart. Oh Amma, to me you are Saraswati,Goddess of all knowledge and art Oh, Amma, sometimes I feel as though We are separated by a thousand seas. Oh Amma, your feet are my refuge, For life is the hot sun, and You are like the trees. Please bring me closer toYou, please Amma please.
- By Gayathri

A moment in the lap of undying love

As the Birds twitter Meditating with Amma Merging with Silence.They wait for hours For Her golden glance, hug, kiss The priceless momentsSeconds in Her lap What else could matter right then? Hold on forever.
By Ameya


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