Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ananda Veethi

Ananda Veethi
***Amma sings about Her experience in the mystical song, 'Ananda Veethi', The Path of Bliss.

Once upon a time, my soul was dancing In delight through the path of Bliss. At that time, all the inner foes, such as Attraction and aversion ran away, Hiding themselves in the innermost recesses of my mind.

Forgetting myself, I merged in a golden dream, Which arose within Me. As noble aspirations Clearly manifested themselves in my mind, The Divine Mother, with bright gentle handsCaressed my head. With bowed head, I told Mother that my life was dedicated to Her
Smiling, She became a Divine Effulgence And merged in Me. My mind blossomed, Bathed in the many-hued light of divinity. The events of millions of years gone by Rose up within me. Thenceforth, Seeing nothing as apart from my own Self, A single unity, and merging in the Divine Mother, I renounced all sense of enjoyment
Mother told me to ask the people To fulfil their human birth. Therefore, I proclaim to the whole world The sublime truth that She uttered, "Oh Man, merge in your Self!"
Thousands and thousands of yogis Have taken birth in India, and Lived the principles visualized by the Great sages of the unknown past. To remove the sorrow of humanity, How many naked truths are there!

Today I tremble with bliss, Recollecting Mother's words, "Oh, my darling, come to Me leaving all other works. You are always mine."
O Pure Consciousness, O Embodiment of truth, I will heed Your words. O Mother why are you late in coming? Why did you give this birth? I know nothing, O Mother, Please forgive my mistakes.

[It was the moment of eternal bliss (Ananda) ; the moment of Her realization of the Universal Mother. From that moment onwards, Sudhamani became 'Amritanandamayi' (one who is full, filled with eternal bliss). When She was Sudhamani, She was full of ecstasy. She was lost in Herself. But when She had the realization of the Divine Mother, She became 'Amrita', the divine nectar that bestows eternity. She began to flow out of Herself for the benefit of mankind, in the form of Love and Compassion ]


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