Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Worlds Precious treasure AMMA


Who is dark like chocloate,and yet light as waterfalls
Whoose power is greater than we can comprehend
Who hears and sees every thought and action of ours
Whose hands have never hurt a particle
Whose eyes are filled with infinite compassion
Who appears as Devi wearing a silver crown
Whose voice is sweeter than all flavors of ice cream
Who is the divine embodiement of only good qualities
Whose soul is forever yearning to help all humanity
Who came into this world completly awake
Whose prasadam is worth more than anything in this world
Who transforms hate into love just by her glance
Whose sweet nature shouldn't be mistaken, for she can be terrifying as Kali
Who was thought to be a "crazy girl" but now by those same is regarded to be a goddess
Whose cheek is bruised because, of her non-stop serving humanity
Who wears a saree that is softer than softest anything
Whose heavenly smell is only to be experienced, when with Amma
Who is the precious treasure of the world
Whose feet are worshiped by animals and people
Who is named Sri Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi
To that Amma I bow


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