Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Darling Amma

Darling Amma

When I call you darling Amma you come and help
When I think of you darling Amma you appear in some form
When I bow to you darling Amma you wash away all my sins
When I offer you something darling Amma you humbly except it
When I hear you darling Amma you make sure I understand what you sayWhen I see you as Devi darling Amma you bless me without my knowledge
When I accept a situation as your will darling Amma you smile and bless all humanity
When I pray to you darling Amma you never don't help
When I explain you to people darling Amma you help them understand
When I write this poem darling Amma you are writing it through me
And the miracle is darling Amma that you are guiding not just me but all humanity!
Thank you Amma for allways being in my heart and guiding each and every step that I take.
I bow down at your Lotus Undescribebly Beautiful Rose Feet Darling Amriteswari!


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