Saturday, July 09, 2005

Poem For Amma

Oh compassionate Mother Amritanandamayi!! You are everything to this miserable child that is suffering in this world of misery. When this child see's you in any form, he becomes happy and blissful. Please Mother come down from you heavenly abode just once and settle in you childrens hearts. You are the reason everything works out. The earth spins because it is your will, Small children wake up because, it is you will, The ocean is blue because it is you will. The sorrow of your children will not go away without your will present, So please Amma help this child and you will remain in the heart of this child for ever, because, to this child you are the God sitting up in the clouds as taught in the Christian faith, to this child you are Allah as taught in the Muslim faith, to this child you are that which has not yet come from the Jewish faith and most of all you are all in all to this child. Mother save us!!! We are passionately waiting for you to come and take us away to your abode of love and compassion. Oh Kali free us! Save us! Love us! Help us! Guide us! Know us! this is all that we ask of you Divine Mother.
I bow down at your Lotus feet!
In your light we live!
Jai Bolo Satguru Mata Amritanandamayi Devi Ki! JAI!


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